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    Max commented  · 

    I think the problem may be more complex than these posts (over years) suggest. Yes, opening a new workbook will restore all minimised workbooks, but I have a workbook I minimise in a Workbook_Open subroutine using Application.Windowstate=xlMinimized, in ThisWorkbook. Whenever I open this, it minimises as expected, but as soon as the Workbook_Open routine completes, the workbook restored immediately.

    If I have another workbook open before which is minimised, the following happens:
    1. Open the first workbook - say Book1 and minimise it;
    2. Open my workbook with the minimise in the Workbook_Open;
    3. The first workbook restores and my second workbook minimises;
    4. As a workaround, I have a small userform splash screen display modelessly and using an OnTime function to close it, I also execute another Application.WIndowstate=xlMinimize command. However, remembering that the workbook that is now maximised is the first one, Book1, it is that workbook that minimises, resulting in both woorkbooks ending up minimised.

    All in all, I too think this is rather odd and unwarranted behaviour by Excel and it should be addressed. A workbook that has been minimised, manually or via a macro, should remain minimised.

    Come on MS - Fix it or provide a reasonable explanation as to why it happens (assuming there is method in your madness), or provide a mechanism to keep minimised workbooks minimised.

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