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    We want to let you know that the Word team has heard your feedback, and they’re planning to restore right-click access to AutoCorrect options in Word 2016. If you’re an Office 365 subscriber, you should see this change in a future update.

    As always, thanks for your feedback. We appreciate it!

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    paul mc commented  · 

    Sorry again, this is in addition to my two comments below. in version 1908 home and business when using Word, the right-mouse does work to bring up the dialog box with autocorrect but the F7 to spellcheck does not. In version 1908 while in Outlook and Word both F7 and right-mouse do work. in version 1902 in Outlook, right-mouse does not work, but F7 does. in version 1902 in Word, right-mouse does not work, and F7 does not work.

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    paul mc commented  · 

    Sorry, this is in addition to my posting below. my comment below is for version 1902 build 11328.20392 of Office when in Outlook and Word. When I just checked a different machine running home and business version 1908 build 11929.20254, the functionality does work in both Outlook and Word. if I enter the misspelling disctionary and both right click, or use the F7, I do get the autocorrect option to add the autocorrect of dictionary for the incorrect spelling of disctionary. Version 1908 of Home and Business does have the functionality exactly as I would want. Thanks, this does help allowing me to be a sloppy typist.

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    paul mc commented  · 

    just to be sure there is no misunderstanding, Outlook has this functionality and it was never taken away. if you author an email in Outlook and in the body of the message you type the word disctionary then use the F7 to spellcheck before sending the message, the dialog box opens up with the correct spelling of dictionary as a suggestion. And that dialog box has the options "change" "change all" and "autocorrect". all we are looking for is the option to add the misspelling into the autocorrect list to be autocorrected the next time I misspell disctionary.

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