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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I am also seriously annoyed by this BUG. Years on end, clicking to minimize windows I didn't want maximized... why else would I minimize them in the first place... hmm??

    PLEASE fix this BUG it is driving EVERYONE crazy!!

    Anyway, I assume the reason is that Excel is now (since Excel 2013, I believe?) executing all open workbooks in a single instance and obviously the application.start event fires when opening a new workbook, which (also obviously) needs to be maximized, or at least not minimized. This is probably why the already open and minimized workbook is being maximized. Because it uses the same instance to load the new workbook in.

    So I would say this is a mere error in how Excel was programmed / built. Hence, it is fixable!

    The way I circumvent the issue, is by starting Excel in a seperate, new instance. You can do this by pressing and HOLDING ALT, then RIGHT-click the Excel icon on the task bar, continue to hold down ALT then LEFT-click the workbook I want to open (from the pinned files or the regular Excel icon) and finally, release ALT and click YES in the "Do you want to open a new instance of Excel?" window. Now, using this method, no minimized Excel workbooks are maximized.
    This still IS NOT a solution though, because it still involves extra steps to simply open a workbook. But it is kind of less annoying then having a large workbook maximize all the time... again, this is a work-around, not a solution!

    I am not sure if you can make this behaviour permanent by modifying the Excel shortcut and adding /x to the command line (target). I haven't tried this myself and I really don't want to either because running Excel in seperate instances also impacts the behaviour of some of the VBA code. I have run into some problems myself due to this work-around, which is why I cannot use this as a permanent "solution" to the problem. For others this might work though?

    Anonymous supported this idea  · 

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