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    Rick commented  · 

    Please, please, add an option, this is obvious and simple. The spell check "improvement" is grossly hideous, just awful, more clicks, more work, with way too much useless information now in the way of what close to 100% of the time is and should remain a simple and easy task, correcting a misspelled word. Here, I am sure, is the root of the problem, and I offer a solution. Many of your tech and business experienced users know and understand that you employ 100s, probably 1000s, of programmers who institutionally must justify their jobs by finding "improvements." And, of course, in most organizations, the review process to approve and prioritize "improvements," is conducted by ex-programmer managers with the same institutional bias and necessity. To ameliorate this, for the sake of users and the company's reputation, you could ensure that decision-making personnel are evaluated and rewarded with job security and benefits by rejecting instead of perpetuating "improvements" that are anywhere near as stupid and unnecessary as this new spell check. But you obviously don't have that organizational wisdom, yet, so here's plan B: have some of your programmers put in an option, so users can use choose to use the classic, easy, good old spell check, instead of the new stupid one. It's a win-win! Users get to choose a good, simple easy spell check, and some programmers get to stay busy by continuing to "improve" the new stupid spell check system, AND making sure the fine old one stays compatible with various other unnecessary under-the-hood "improvements" programmers with too much time will still be making to your software. Thank you!

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