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Missing "Document panel" in Word 2016

In Word 2016 I'm missing the "Document panel" This was something that was made available when enabling "Developer" i Word 2013
We use this a lot when opening Word letters from Sharepoint to enter data into field.

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      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Pages keep disappearing from the table that I am trying to make. All I am doing is drawing lines between text. Once again, Word attempts to steal an afternoon from me.

      • Les commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I was using that.

        "Where is the Document Information Panel in Office 2016?
        Applies To: Excel for Office 365 Word for Office 365 PowerPoint for Office 365 More...

        The Document Information Panel has been removed in Office 2016 applications. "

        Just because developers don't know what it is for, does not mean we don't use it. Honestly, between feature removals from Word and Visio it appears that I am never going to upgrade from Office 2003.

      • Rachel commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Please bring back the document information panel and bring back a field for SP lookup fields that allow multiple values! The warning in "edit column" in SP states that EARLIER versions of client programs may not support this feature, not NEW versions that have been created by the same company. If there's a fix, please let me know!

      • David commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        With the KB4011671 for Word 2016 and the April update for SharePoint 2016 we managed to get the new DIP to sort of work in SharePoint 2016 On-Premises after using the hack shown in this YouTube video.

        A form that can be used to edit meta data can be shown in Word, meta data can be edited as long as the document is already saved once. From what I can gather the behavior of the new DIP and the problems that still remains (described below) seems to be the same as in the On Line version.

        Major problems remaining
        - The DIP cannot be shown and edited before the document is saved
        - Fields created with a Swedish special character (å,ä,ö) and probably other special characters as well, does not work. It doesn’t matter if the field is renamed, it still doesn’t work. It works if the field is created without the special character and then renamed to something using å,ä,ö. so it seem to has something to do with the internal name of the field.
        - It only works in Word

        Minor problems remaining
        - The formatting of the form (see the video)
        - The form does not open automatically when a new or existing document is opened even if it is specified to do so in SharePoint.

      • J. L commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Update? I heard this only works for SPO. We have SPO and an on premise environment. We're stuck on Office 2010 until we get a DIP.

      • PleaseGiveUsDIP commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        The KB4011671 did come with a new feature to the "MSI version" of Word 2016.
        The new feature works with documents from Sharepoint Online.

        When we first tried documents from our Sharepoint 2016 environment we got the message that our Sharepoint installation dont support the feature.
        But after we updated our Sharepoint 2016 environment with the latest updates, we got another result.

        Now we can se all the list properties from Sharepoint in Word 2016 in the new feature.
        But the feature didn't retrieve any data for each field. They are all blank.
        And when we tried to change the data from the new Word feature, it didn't update och saved anything in Sharepoint.

        So... it dosn't work yet for Sharepoint Onprem but it seems like they are working on it.

        It would be nice with some communication from Microsoft where they are going with this!

      • AKarimian commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Microsoft released an update for 2016 office that stated the following:

        "This update enables the Document Information Panel feature in Office 2016. After you install this update, you can update the SharePoint and document properties of an Office document by selecting the View tab, and then clicking the Properties button that will open the Properties panel."

        Has anyone been able to get it to show? We have been unsuccessful.

      • Clippy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Since Microsoft are too lazy to provide an update and everyone here is in the same boat my organisation was in, I will summarize & paraphrase what our Microsoft account manager told us. This is based on information provided to him internally, valid as of March 2018.

        There is no further development taking place on this, and there are no current plans to bring it to Office 2016. Essentially, using Office 2016 means settling for File > Info > Properties, buying a 3rd party product, or developing a custom solution.

        My personal opinion is that this is a ham-fisted attempt to move people to O365 but I don't know why Microsoft doesn't simply update the answer instead of leaving everyone guessing, in some cases deferring upgrades. To say their handing of this has been unhelpful is an understatement.

      • trust commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        i can only say i am disapointet about the way they work and now after we trustet funktions are available now gone we do documentation with consitent Content was a pretty function and reliability on . so we can not relay on funktions on Office what makes not a smart application anymore.

      • Kipper commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        HummusFan 123, you sir are the William Shakespeare of comment threads. Hilarious... and Totally right!

      • HummusFan 123 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I imagine the gods of whichever pantheon created humanity experienced a similar existential crisis as that which our friends at Microsoft are going through now. So powerful, ubiquitous, successful and rich, both physically and spiritually, the gods realised they were bored and created a spark that bled down the mountains and became the first humans.

        Microsoft seem to be suffering the same boredom now, but instead of creating new and beautiful things, they are creating dismay, distraction, and disfunctionality, while they remove all that the universe currently holds dear. Perhaps if Microsoft had modelled their creations off sensible, adaptive, evolution instead of the arbitrarily edictatorial word of a long forgotten god, we'd not be in this situation.

        Microsoft appear to be so bored with the world they created, they are behaving like that kid in school who built the perfect sim city game, only to release every single disaster all at once, just to see what happens. It's even worse than that though. They are like the kid in school who logged on to the shared computer and opened MY perfect sim city game and then released every single disaster all at once, just to see what happens. I haven't forgotten you, Andrew Porter, and I never will. The same shall be said of Microsoft and their deprecation of a document information panel so core to finally making sharepoint work in our any organisation...that I will never forget them either.

        And don't forget what happened to Maxis, the producers of Sim City. They were subsumed be EA, and we all know what happened there. An example of another company who prided their own transactional agenda over customer satisfaction and usability. Don't be Maxis. Don't be EA. Don't be Andrew Porter.

        Nobody likes InfoPath. I get it. InfoPath was tired. It was inaccessible. It was only half executed. But it was sent to death row years ago without replacement. Now, years further on you've rolled the tanks into the last little InfoPath enclave to eradicate all traces of your embarrassing rebel progeny from the earth. Cool. Except, like, what are you replacing it with?

        To pride Infopath's destruction over functionality retention is ludicrously misguided. To have this issue go TWO YEARS without even a promise of address is the worst example of customer service since Seinfeld Episode 116. But "NO METADATA FOR YOU" doesn't sound the same without Larry Thomas' Yev Kassem character shouting it. Newman wanted his Jambalaya and I want my damn document information panel. You want it to look cool and modern and not use InfoPath? Great, but let's solve that first before we kill it.

        Apple don't call a press release to announce the iPhone 8 is end of life and then slowly and non-committally answer questions by stating that the iPhone 9 is not on the roadmap.

        Ford don't remove something as fundamental to their customers as a steering wheel only to say "that's not on the road map." You can't even stay on the road without a steering wheel, so what good is a road map? Plus we have Google maps, so who needs a bing based road map anyway? Google. They love deprecating features. They also love providing accurate mapping and search results though, so you can't really model Google in the bad unless you do so in the good.

        When Donald Trump gets behind the amazing new F-35 fighter project, despite it being a project that has been so expensive, polarising, and drawn out that it makes the performance of MS Teams seem positively athletic. He gets behind it, sure, but he doesn't get rid of all the old fighter planes upfront, does he? That would be stupid. That would be dangerous. That would be the Microsoft way of running a country.

        Speaking of running a country, and Donald Trump, remember the allegations about Russian bots retweeting Trump to win the election? Yeah, wow, controversial. Looking at this thread, it sounds like we don't even need bots to make our voice heard, because you've done what trump couldn't: mobilising angry voters unaided.

        I'll try to set this out in words everyone will understand: This whole document information panel is like Hummus.

        Everyone likes Hummus. Everyone.

        Some people like Crab Dip. Some people like Eggplant Dip. Some people like Onion Dip, Some People like Caviar. Everyone likes Hummus, though.

        I know this analogy, even before I complete it, has the product development team salivating both at the promise of hummus and the potential to ruin hummus for everyone, but hold tight, let's just think about how they might ruin hummus:

        "I know! Let's make a hummus with CRAB and EGGPLANT and ONION and CAVIAR and add them to the Hummus!"
        "But what if we just made five differe..."
        "Shutup, you're fired! As I was saying, we've now got this super Hummus. It's only available via subscription."

        The garlic, tahini and chickpea features were deprecated from Hummus later that day. The Hummus post on user voice was the largest ever.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Microsoft seem to be living in a Benjamin Button universe since every new product generation is slower, buggier, uglier and less user friendly than the last. What a ridiculous decision to remove the DIP before a replacement is available.

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