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Office Client: Switching focus from one Word document to another

I wanted to bring back an old feature of Word 2016 Version 1708 here is a scenario:
-I have two documents open: DocA and DocB, They both have 5 Paragraphs.
-I lay them out side by side so I can see both windows
-In DocA I place the cursor at the end of Paragraph2
-In DocB I select Paragraph3 and copy it
-I now want to go back to my spot I had in DocA
-I click a random paragraph (Paragraph 4) in DocA to switch back to DocA. --Where my mouse lands doesn’t matter because I just want to switch application
-The cursor now moves to Paragraph 4 in DocA because I clicked there when switching focus back to DocA
-This is not the outcome I wanted. I wanted the cursor to stay at the end of Paragraph 2.
Now you might be thinking “but you clicked on Paragraph 4, so why shouldn’t the cursor move”, the important factor is that DocA was not the active window at that point in time
Please let us enable/disable this feature as it affects our productivity
Rolling back, Alt+Tab and clicking on the title bar to change focus are not resolutions for us

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